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Effective UK Marine Planning Report

The Marine Management Organisation, Wales Environmental Link & other NGOs (RSPB, Wildlife Trust & Marine Conservation Society) with Enfusion attended a workshop in Exeter to discuss the findings of the Effective UK Marine Planning Report (available for download here) prepared by Enfusion & Jim Claydon.

South Somerset Local Plan found sound at reopened examination.

As independent specialists, we are pleased to have worked with SSDC to refresh their SA/SEA for Yeovil including re-appraisal of strategic options and evaluation of Sustainable Urban Extensions. This addressed the concerns that had been raised by consultees and the Inspector. The further SA work was found to be “comprehensive, proportionate and robust” http://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/media/700388/south_somerset_lp_final_report.pdf

Low Carbon LDO EIA

We are undertaking the first strategic EIA of a Local Development Order in the UK. For Swindon Council, the impact assessment is evaluating the approach to the LDO, including informing development of Planning Conditions.

The European Commission’s EIA and SEA Guides

Enfusion - European Commission's EIA and SEA Guides

May 2013-The European Commission has launched two new guidance documents to provide direction to EIA and SEA on integrating enhanced consideration of climate change and biodiversity effects into practice.

The European Commission’s EIA and SEA Guides on Integrating Climate Change and Biodiversity is available on the europa website using the flowing links: for SEA at http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eia/pdf/SEA%20Guidance.pdf and for EIA http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eia/pdf/EIA%20Guidance.pdf

Rochford Judgment

Rochford District Council

SA/SEA specialists commissioned as critical friend to undertake compliance review and then help Officers improve the robustness of earlier SA work especially of reasonable alternatives for spatial options; revisited SA and refreshed with preparation of SA Addendum Report; support to Council at SEA legal challenge (click here for Judgment) – successfully rebutted; Core Strategy found sound and adopted.

Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook:
A Practical Guide for Planners, Developers and Communities

Environmental Impact Assessment Handbook

Authors: Barbara Carroll & Trevor Turpin

This book gives guidance on the steps and studies needed to undertake an EIA and to produce a successful Environmental Statement. It is written for planners, developers and communities who need sufficient introduction to EIA to know what needs to be prepared, who needs to prepare it and when it needs to be prepared by.

It is an approachable and practical guide, with many illustrated explanations and examples, written from the practitioner’s perspective. The guidance presents the requirements to the EIA procedures in the UK in a practical format, illustrated with case examples.Each environmental topic is discussed, methodologies for assessing effects are indicated, and the characteristics of selected development types are described.

The handbook approach has been designed with cross-referencing, checklists and sources, which also makes it suitable for easy reference and as a valuable introductory text as well as a useful reference tool for the EIA practitioner. The handbook will: present the requirements of EIA according to the UK EIA Regulations in a readily usable and practical way; inspire and share experience towards good EIA practice by a practical handbook format illustrated with case studies; inform and guide the use of EIA early and effectively in the development design and land use planning processes; and demonstrate the advantages of improvements in EIA practice to facilitate better informed planning decisions.

” This is one of those books rarely available…
It should be on the desk of every consultant, developer, local authority planner and environmental regulator concerned with EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) work.”
Dr Andrew Brookes, Gifford & Partners


“We have found it useful for training purposes and for the insight many of its sections bring to key areas of practice. It is the translation of practical experience into an easy to read and follow style that made the first edition so well received, and I welcome its successor!”
Dr Ross Marshall, President, IAIA
Manager, National Environmental Assessment Service, UK Environment Agency
(from Foreword to Second Edition, 2009)


“…the book is a must.”
Clive Briffett, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal