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who we are

  • enfusion is a multi-disciplinary company providing consultancy and research services in sustainability and environmental planning.
  • We aim to be at the cutting edge, seeking creative and innovative ways to achieve sustainability, environmental and development objectives – we are also grounded in the realities of practical implementation.
  • We work with the interconnectedness of environmental quality, social well-being & health, economic development & regeneration.
  • Specialists in SA, SEA, HRA, AA, EqIA, HIA and Integrated Appraisal
  • We like to develop close working relationships with our clients to provide a flexible and responsive quality service that is fit for purpose.
  • enfusion offers a creative focus for a range of professionals to integrate and promote sustainability by working  across traditional professional boundaries.


Barbara CarrollBarbara Carroll is director and the founder of enfusion with specialist expertise in sustainability assessment and environmental planning.

.Enfusion’s core team is supported by a wide network of experts and associates in land use planning, social science, environmental sciences, health, psychology, engineering, economics and ecology. We aim to provide the most effective teams that are fit for purpose according to project and client needs.